The .NET and XNA frameworks are required to play FE7x.
If you don't have them you can download them here:
.NET Framework 4
XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0

OpenAL is used for audio playback ingame, and can be installed by running oalinst.exe, which is provided in the download.

FE7x is not a rom hack.

You do not need an emulator to play it. If you are using a Windows operating system and have installed the dependencies listed above, just extract the files from the archive and run the FE7x.exe executable file.

Version - Tactile Update, Full Touch and Mouse Support (Sep 13, 2022)

Previous Versions

Version - Part One + Hard Mode: Download
Version - Part One: Download
Version - Part One Uther: Download (rar) - (zip)
Version - Trial Map Final: Download (rar) - (zip)
Version - Trial Map 2: Download (rar) - (zip)
Version - Initial XNA release with Trial Map 1: Download (rar) - (zip)


The Mono framework is required to play FE7x on Mac.

Download and install it if you haven't already.
The current release reportedly only works with Mono 4.2.2
Other Mono Versions

Version - Part One


The Android version must be installed manually, which will require temporarily enabling the setting "Install Unknown Apps" or "Install Apps from Unknown Sources" on your device. Locate the downloaded APK using a file explorer, and install it.

Version - Initial Release