• The Right Honorable Lord Uther
  • Baron of Redgrove, Heir to Ostia
  • 22, male, 6'1"

The barony of Redgrove, built around Ostia's primary road, requires very little tending; officials of all sorts are parading through day, night, and otherwise. There are often entire corps camping within its borders, along with more stewards and foremen than anyone could count. The place runs like clockwork, and as long as he signs the right forms every few weeks, Lord Uther may occupy himself with whatever takes his fancy.

With his coronation ever-looming, these fancies typically trend towards the unlordly. Uther dreads the life ahead of him - decades of airs and addresses, of trumpets announcing his arrival and of people with their face pressed firmly against the floor. He has seen the scars of this lifestyle on the face of his father, and though he knows he will one day bear the weight of the crown, he has no desire to focus on it.

So in the spirit of enjoying his freedom whilst he has it, Uther roams the nation getting into what polite society calls 'mischief.' Between brawling with mercenaries and socializing with unchastes, he has little favor among the upper castes - but those he chooses as friends would never speak an ill word about him.

They would call him intelligent, patient, brave, and honorable - though you might have a hard time believing them.

  • Sir Marcus
  • Baronet, Pheraean Knight-errant
  • 23, male, 6'

Pherae is a relatively rural estate - its people are close, and its values are rather traditional. Marcus descends from an endless line of knights, all of whom had close ties to the nobility, reaching back to the beginning of history itself.

Expectations are his daily bread; between exhaustive training and prayer sessions, he spends his every waking moment in study. He is the first choice for the next Knight-commander, and if not, he is still highly favored as Lord Elbert's personal attendant - he is even pre-approved at several foreign military academies.

Yet, even under all this pressure, Marcus thrives. He has a healthy social life, and engages in many hobbies; hunting, art, sculpture, and debate among them. Both his drive to succeed and his valor are unmatched among his peers. There is a place in the great annals of the Etrurian library reserved for him, and some day soon, he will be known far and wide.

That is, unless some grand adventure sweeps him up and carries him to his death.

  • Lady Isadora
  • Pheraean Squire
  • 14, female, 5'4"

Like Marcus, Isadora grew among the gentry and gained strong favor within the Pheraean house. Her mother was lost shortly after her birth, and her father during battle, so it came to be that she was unofficially adopted among the noble class.

Over the years, she grew into a sharp-minded girl with a noble heart, and despite her grand, empty manor, she always wore a genuine smile. Today, she is the city's much-loved daughter, doted on by all. Wagonloads of pretty dresses and lavish jewellery, drawn by magnificent foreign horses would be summoned at a mere word, but she does not yearn for such things.

The only thing she has ever wanted was to be a brave and noble knight, just like her father. Could you turn her down?

  • His Majesty Duke Ulric
  • Duke of Ostia, Steward of Lycia

Father to lords Uther and Hector, Duke Ulric is a sensible man who is worthy of his position. He has accomplished much in his time on the throne, most notably in improving the living conditions of the lower class citizenry. Despite being a strong believer of the Eliminian faith, he fought for the freedom of choice - and saw the restoration of a Western church within his city.

In Ulric's hands, Lycia has proven to be a strong contender in the worldwide market, but many fear his lax attitude towards military matters will be his downfall.

  • The Most Honorable Lord Elbert
  • Marquess of Pherae

Compared to other states, the Pheraean rulers have always been somewhat whimsical and amiable. The red-haired Lord Elbert, like his forefathers, is a bright man of infinite compassion. He dearly loves his people as he loves his son, Eliwood, and his wife, Eleanora - and they love him in return. A talented horseman, a natural leader, and one of Uther's fondest friends.

  • Dara d'Tristan, Far-strider and Hope-bringer
  • Promised Son of Clan Tristan

Though the Tristan are a crippled, pathetic shadow of their former glory, the Dara and his lifelong friend, Reno, work night and day to stave off the clan's extinction.

In the mornings they check the alarm-traps that keep them ahead of the local raiders; under the noonday sun they forage and fish for enough food to keep the elders hale and healthy; in the evenings, they spend their long watches reading the stars and making small omens. It is a life of anxious waiting, of helplessness in the face of age and disease. It is a life of doomed people defying the odds in the knowledge that destiny has something better for them...

Something the Dara will need to claim with his own hands.

  • Force Commander Eliza of Beggar's Valley
  • Commander-in-Chief of the Silent Hunters mercenary company

With favorable commendation from Edessa's top military academy and an exemplary service record, Eliza's family could put her on track to become one of the nation's leaders at any time - but Eliza, proud and independent, is determined to fight her way to the top on her own terms.

With ruthless efficiency she leads a small team on operations around the continent, always making new connections and gathering more influence - and always leveraging new resources on the world market to make her position even stronger.